The Benk&Bodega kitchen is fully vegetarian and we believe in hard work, small batches and skilled hands, only presenting you with the food that we love to eat ourselves.
We take pride in the time and care that goes into producing everything, from jams to krauts and our much loved vegan cinnamon buns, baked fresh every morning alongside an array of pastries, cakes, and cookies.

All the food and drinks in the cafe is carefully selected from small, independent businesses. From the coffee and vegetable suppliers to the chocolate, flour and grains suppliers - we chose to go for quality and sustainable choices where possible. (Read about our suppliers here.)
The menu is always seasonal and built around a Scandinavian food ethos - low waste with a focus on preserving and pickling to make the most out of all seasonal goods.
In the bakery we explore, yet again, a Nordic palette featuring the exotic brown cheese on svele as well as experimenting with rye, ancient grains and Norwegian sweet treats.

Natural wines curated by Oranj wines. All food by Benk&Bodega.

Open Tuesday to Friday 8am - 4pm.
We will expand opening hours as the world slowly opens back up, stay in the loop.